Relationships – A Light Proposal

Objet d’Art (Objective Art) is any medium imbued with positive energy. And the medium can be any thing, like a painting, a film, an item of clothing – anything. And yes, a person can be a walking monument of Objet d’Art, which breathes out positivity 247. These are normal soul infused human beings that everybody else calls Saints.

Objective art is the association of an advanced thoughtform with the art object itself. For example the Sphinx, the Yin Yang symbol, Star Wars the movie, Lord of the Rings, American Beauty. Objective Art is essentially an advanced teaching imbued with the energy of the Divine.

I was first introduced to Objet d’Art when a good friend of mine would print off the Qi imbued calligraphy of Qigong Master, Zhixing Wang of Chinese Heritage. She would then stare at it during meditation, and soon I did the same. I also remember a Reiki practitioner placed a picture of an open hand on a web page, and the healing energy from it was palpable. As it flooded my chest tears came to my eyes, but I did not know why at the time.

Recently, I have taken to drawing during or shortly after meditations, when the flow of Samadhi ( sam – with; adhi – light) energy is at its highest, and yet my mind is still happily conceptualising. Mrs King, my art teacher art school, might wish to give me an eraser, but I also know she would smile too  :)

A Light Proposal

Relationships – A Light Proposal

The artwork usually follows or leads? Hmm…that’s a good question, because what I have learnt about Objet d’Art is that, like dreams, they can reveal the hidden. So, maybe they lead in the sense that they inspire new possibilities, solutions to problems, new ways forward.

I will concede – the theme here is ‘Relationships’. You could say that I placed relationships on the alter for healing. This is ‘A Course in Miracles’ terminology. As a Yogi, I would say that I practised Samyama whilst in Samadhi. Quite loaded terms really, but if it is understood that Samadhi is getting into alignment with source energy – the Holy Spirit – Ananda and Samyama is the practice of bringing into focus blockages and dissolving them with light, enthusiastically, persistently and for a long time – until they are healed, then that is enough for now.

Energy Blockages are obstacles to peace. Energy blockages comprise anything that causes pain or discomfort physically, mentally or emotionally. Energy blockages are the result of wrong view. Energy Blockages are totally bad! The world is full of ’em! And we vow to end them all!

The awakening process is about bringing to the surface, and healing wrong views we have. Do not underestimate the amount of wrong views piled high and shovelled under the carpet ( The Ostrich Syndrome ).

The job of Objet d’Art is to help reveal the hidden, and if you should cry like I did when I gazed upon the reiki hand, you can be sure that this is the high teaching, the advanced thought form contrasting against the dark backdrop of old, worn out, stale, not working any more, passed their sell by date – crappy views, which now just need to be shown the door.



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