The Buddhafield & The Tower

The Inevitable

If you hang around someone on a regular basis who is very bright, somebody who is pumping out the energy of The Soul, whether you like it or not, you will start to change. It’s very nice to hang around such a person, but there is a catch.

The Quickening

If you are not consciously getting in alignment with this change, it can be very uncomfortable as you start to go through your Karma more quickly. There will be accidents, loss of loved ones, upheavals in work, illness, depression and anger etc —suffering basically.


The Lie!

If you are a Sanyasin of 20 years and you say you do not know what Karma is, then rest assured this is a sub-personality blockage big doo doo lie, bigger than any dog could ever plop on the pavement! And of course it is this that makes the process painful as you attempt to keep your old world in tact and head in the sand.

You know what Karma is! You know what Light is!  It’s time to wake up!

The Solution

To enter into Light requires prayer, meditation, a lot of humble pie. Humble enough to ask for help and to learn more advanced techniques in meditation to make the transition a little smoother. He who emanates the Buddhafield around you, can not transmute all of your Karma. The rules of this manifestation dictate you have to get off your own arse and apply some elbow grease yourself, instead of thinking of yummy silky cheese, and sex with young girls all day.

“Wake up Mr Green”, Film: Revolver (Guy Ritchie)

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