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Recognising Abusive Relationships – Wake Up Mr Green!

Before You Can Heal it, You Must See It En ambas investigaciones el común denominador, y aspecto más preocupante es que las personas son incapaces de identificar la violencia como tal, es decir, creen que es natural que en una relación se llame a todas horas, se cele y se golpee “jugando”. La adicción al … Continue reading Recognising Abusive Relationships – Wake Up Mr Green!

The Force and Degree…

The force and degree of a man’s inner benevolence evokes in others a proportionate degree of ill-will.Gurdjieff The Radiance of the Buddhafield irritates, depresses or upsets Negative Energy Blockages, this is the scientific test for Energy Blockages and by these fruits, ye shall know them!Bhakti Ganesha Devanananda The post The Force and Degree… appeared first … Continue reading The Force and Degree…

The Buddhafield & The Tower

The Inevitable If you hang around someone on a regular basis who is very bright, somebody who is pumping out the energy of The Soul, whether you like it or not, you will start to change. It’s very nice to hang around such a person, but there is a catch. The Quickening If you are not … Continue reading The Buddhafield & The Tower

Relationships – A Light Proposal

Objet d’Art (Objective Art) is any medium imbued with positive energy. And the medium can be any thing, like a painting, a film, an item of clothing – anything. And yes, a person can be a walking monument of Objet d’Art, which breathes out positivity 247. These are normal soul infused human beings that everybody else calls … Continue reading Relationships – A Light Proposal

Exceeding the Organisation’s Vibrational Frequency – Get Kicked Out or Leave First

Evolution Means either Getting Fired or Leaving First When you work for an organisation, you are expected to ‘pull the party line’. If the boss tells you to do something, you do it. There is a certain vibrational frequency at which the organisation functions. You have to fit into this. You have to compromise.  You … Continue reading Exceeding the Organisation’s Vibrational Frequency – Get Kicked Out or Leave First

The Antahkarana – Rainbow Bridge

The word “Antahkarana” translates as ‘bridge’ from the Tibetan language, and describes the ‘line of communication’ or the Energy Thread, which is gradually constructed from a being from Kundalini Chakra in the Centre of the earth through the personality to the Chakras above the head beyond Monad or Source which are not intellectual but work … Continue reading The Antahkarana – Rainbow Bridge