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Intention, The Rite Of Disengagement From The Matrix and Deprogramming with EE Meditation – the Removal of the Matrix Energy Blockages MEDITATION EE LEVEL 3, THE REMOVAL OF DEEPER ENERGY BLOCKAGES – PSYCHOPATHIC ENERGY VAMPIRES High Tantra. KARMA CLEANING PROCESS, CLEAN THE KARMA FROM PAST LIVES, FUTURE LIFE, FUTURE LIFETIMES, SOUL FRAGMENTATION AND RETRIEVAL, INNER … Continue reading The-Rite-Of-Disengagement-From-The-Matrix

Anatomy Of The Energy Blockage filled Mind Machine

Anatomy Of The Energy Blockage filled Mind Machine The Machinery supplied by the Architect is Pure and Perfect Alpha and Omega Angels polluted by Evil Implant Energy Blockage Programming. The Alchemization, The Energy Enhancement Samyama Seven Step Process to Remove All Energy Blockages… Learn the Anti energy blockage Hack Technique to Remove Energy Blockages and … Continue reading Anatomy Of The Energy Blockage filled Mind Machine

The Buddhafield & The Tower

The Inevitable If you hang around someone on a regular basis who is very bright, somebody who is pumping out the energy of The Soul, whether you like it or not, you will start to change. It’s very nice to hang around such a person, but there is a catch. The Quickening If you are not … Continue reading The Buddhafield & The Tower

Little Johnny – Silence is Dumb!

Sad Little Johnny Sits in Silence Sometimes Little Johnny, he would sit at the breakfast table and just not say a word. Would you like jam or honey on your toast Johnny? Not a word. What’s wrong with Little Johnny? Little Johnny still says nothing. Finally, his mum comes up behind him, and places her hand gently … Continue reading Little Johnny – Silence is Dumb!

Lesson #166 & The 21st Century Cowboy

Sub-personalities (subs), split off from the main soul-infused personality of the Soul, have appeared in many different guises over many lifetimes. Here we see a reinvention of the Cowboy sub-personality – a 21st Century Cowboy – The Bike Racer. He swapped his faithful horse for some Japanese metal; his shining spurs for carbon-titanium strengthened motorcycle … Continue reading Lesson #166 & The 21st Century Cowboy