Mushrooms, Depression & Meditation

Breakdown of an Accepted Conceptual Reality

Mind bending mushrooms might bend your mind enough to question a status quo, which we have accepted from parents, school, uni, work, media etc. If we have bought and accepted all the things these people tell us about the world – depression is one of the body’s calls to make an adjustment and to trigger a similar effect of mushies – to force you to see things differently and to question the status quo – your conceptual reality – The Matrix.

Form is Form, Form is Emptiness

If mushies do not take you to the door of the Buddhist Centre, where they welcome any mind inquisitive to know what is meant by

form is form, form is emptiness and emptiness is form

…depression can also take you to this enquiry.

Anybody who has taken the liberty to pop a few caps a few times, will resonate with the above Buddhist aphorism.

Both liberty caps and depression invite you to stop doing this:


Stay plugged into the machine. You don’t question anything, cos the flame of Soul recognition has not yet been ignited. Children -brain damage and autism from vaccines.


An Aside

Of course, the same enquiry exists in your Christian Church, but because us Westerners are trying to break out of the Matrix, anything Christian is probably conceptually associated with a system that try to keep us blind about the way things really are around here. And because of the energy we have invested in maintaining the status quo ( The Matrix) in place, it will also probably be true that the Christian Church only serves to imprison.

You may not have understood the full import of the previous sentence – it’s something to meditate on :)

Depression – The Upside

The upside about depression is that it is your Soul really trying to break through and be heard. It means that you have a Soul connection; that you are not just a cog in a machine, a socio-path, a minion, a wanton slave. To have a Soul connection means your desire for human happiness is really strong and takes priority over material gains in the world. The stronger the Soul connection, the less you are able to function as a lubricating wheel in the Matrix and be happy at the same time.

Creative expression as a Soul Infused Being can take many forms. They are all efforts at peeling away the onion layers to whittle down to a certain Truth. As such, all efforts are flawed but shining bright.

A Journey Into Light – Alignment with Soul Fusion

One way to open up to the reality of what happens in your awareness, which does not damage the physical body like many hallucinogenics, and which does not require you enter into deep depression, is meditation.

Firstly, you may consider simply calming the mind in meditation. You will certainly benefit from meditations of Loving Kindness. You might be drawn to Vipassana Meditation.

The quantum leaps become possible when we learn about using the mind to move and circulate energies in meditation, and not before we are ready for this. There are many terms to describe this – Kundalini Kriyas, the Five Elemental paths of the Qi, and Swami Satchidanand’s great work – Energy Enhancement.

Experiences of energy in meditation (Samadhi) and using this energy to remove blockages (Samyama), just as a farmer would remove the rocks from a water course to irrigate his land – is key to becoming a Soul Infused Being.

A man has blockages like a dog has fleas, and we vow to rid them all.

Man in Suit Meditates - Accessing the Energies of the Soul - Samadhi

Andrew Wakefield (VAXXED ) Meditates – Accessing the Energies of the Soul – Samadhi

If you are interested in learning meditation or taking your meditation to the next level, please get in touch.


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