The Buddhafield & The Tower

The Inevitable

If you hang around someone on a regular basis who is very bright, somebody who is pumping out the energy of The Soul, whether you like it or not, you will start to change. It’s very nice to hang around such a person, but there is a catch.

The Quickening

If you are not consciously getting in alignment with this change, it can be very uncomfortable as you start to go through your Karma more quickly. There will be accidents, loss of loved ones, upheavals in work, illness, depression and anger etc —suffering basically.


The Lie!

If you are a Sanyasin of 20 years and you say you do not know what Karma is, then rest assured this is a sub-personality blockage big doo doo lie, bigger than any dog could ever plop on the pavement! And of course it is this that makes the process painful as you attempt to keep your old world in tact and head in the sand.

You know what Karma is! You know what Light is!  It’s time to wake up!

The Solution

To enter into Light requires prayer, meditation, a lot of humble pie. Humble enough to ask for help and to learn more advanced techniques in meditation to make the transition a little smoother. He who emanates the Buddhafield around you, can not transmute all of your Karma. The rules of this manifestation dictate you have to get off your own arse and apply some elbow grease yourself, instead of thinking of yummy silky cheese, and sex with young girls all day.

“Wake up Mr Green”, Film: Revolver (Guy Ritchie)

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Bringing a Highly Evolved Soul Down to Earth

When I prepare food for a meal, when I think about it, there a a few things I try to get right. You see, more and more I like good food. And more and more the meaning of good food is changing for me. It’s changing due to an increased appreciation of Objet d’Art.

Objet d’Art or Objective Art is quite simply some thing, which has been imbued with the life force energies of the universe. It can be great music, great film, great poetry, indeed great any-thing! And what makes it great is the energy of the Soul, a high frequency, high evolutionary energy charge – Spirit – which flows through the medium, through the Object – the Objet d’Art.

One signature of such a thing, is that it does not age. It does not go stale or out of fashion with age. Think of Shakespeare, Mozart, the guitar of David Gilmour, JR Tolkien, Rembrandt. These people have channelled the energy of the Soul, and usually these things – psychically charged with the energies of the Soul – go straight to the Heart. And it’s because of this, that they do not age. The potency of Carmina Burana by Carl Orf is just the same today as it was back in 12??.

Beethoven’s 9th?

It’s an energy that can flow through anything and make it wonderful – and that includes food! Yummy! It includes anything you can think of. The Yogis talk about things which are satvic. To be satvic means there is a balance between rajasic and tamasic. Don’t get too hung up about these Sanskrit words, but eg an unripe fruit would be rajasic, and a saggy old aubergine would be tamasic.

Pregnant Woman with Girl

Innocence and Happiness and Pure Joy

Hmm…Ive done it again – started getting into a topic like food that needs its own blog! I want to get to creating life! I want to talk about getting in alignment with these Soul force energies to bring the highest form of life to Earth. Well, maybe it’s not that different to making a really yummy satvic meal? I mean after all, anything can be Objet d’Art right? I wanna start talking about creating an environment, like preparing a good meal, an environment which is ready to play host to a Saintly Krishna Child Soul.

For a good meal these days?? – phwa! – many a slip twix cup and lip! But thankfully, as the Energies of the Soul start to flow, there comes a heightened awareness of what I will just call for now –  unhappy ingredients. One sign of this heightened awareness, just in case you think it’s something special, is when you start to leave out entire aisles in the supermarket – you just know there is precious little down those aisles that constitutes nutritious, life sustaining food. Hmm heightened awareness? Am I just talking about wisdom and knowledge? Yes, may they be synonymous, but its not confined to the intellect – with the energies accessed through Prayer and Meditation, intuition strengthens and itself becomes a guiding force offering you — Magic Eyes to See.

So, this is life isn’t it. We have experiences which teach us lessons – Karma. As a Stream Enterer – someone who has entered into the flow of the Holy Spirit, into the Samadhi experience of Ananda – this awareness of unhappy ingredients and happy food items increases, and is indeed necessary. In fact, you wonder how you ever managed without it. But then, I know a little extreme, but remember that you were once a low frequency Orc eating shit. My! How times have a changed.

One message that drops out here at this juncture is that it is not enough to have an intellectual knowledge of good food. You may be living what you think is a healthy life because you have bought all the organic foods from all the organic shops. Well, that’s good, but it’s just … the start!

Pregnant Woman with Girl

Clean Air. Satvic Food. Purified Mum. Good Health. Objet d’Art!

Come on! Leave the food and get back on track! You were looking at bringing New Life to Earth Right? OK, but talking about finding good food to make a really yummy satvic meal is just the same as finding a good partner to bring a Soul down from Heaven.

It’s a top down bottom up process. Have you seen those lovely paintings of people in the shadows at the bottom of the painting – they are writhing in darkness and are chained in bondage. And then the characters get lighter as you move up the painting. And of course at the head of the painting is some image depicting the energies of the Soul – perhaps Jesus with his head galvanised into a stream of Golden Light which shoots off up through the roof of the painting.

The Antahkarana - Divine Couple

The Antahkarana – Divine Couple – Objet d’Art!


I just found this image above which does the same thing. It shows beautifully the Antahkarana, the channel of energy that connects us with Spirit.

It is this Energy that evolves mankind. We can either experience Karma – continue to follow instructions in good books and buy organic food all the time (picture a graduate with mortis board over their head –  cutting off the energies of the Soul) – OR – we can get into this Stream of Energy so that we can gain Magic Eyes – yes Magic Eyes ladies and gents – you can walk into any supermarket and with your Magic Eye you can scan the vegetable and occasionally – not always – you find a highly evolved broccoli smiling back at you, and she’s not even organic! Pwa!

Now with these Magic Eyes we can fill our basket up with some real goodies and make a meal just glowing with happiness!

So, let’s transliterate this to preparing to be guardian of a beautiful Soul and what ground work needs to be done. I think if you’ve gotten this far through this blog, it ticks one box already  😉

It’s getting late so I’m gonna bullet point:

  • Removal of in particular Sex Implant Blockages (Samyama in Samadhi) & The Mastery of Relationships (Samyama in Samadhi). Let me humble myself here. I have not found this easy. It’s been the catalyst, the gristle of my awakening process, and I have needed a lot help with this,  but this does not mean to say somebody else has NOT ticked this box already.
  • How to manifest an environment of good food, good clean air, good clean water, good education, good country, good …,  Magic Eyes See
  • In a world where Orcs cannibalize Hobbits, as witches hover through the fog and filthy air – where fair is foul and foul is fair, injecting into the young, vaccines known to contain adjuncts of mercury and to cause a reduction of IQ and other complications. Magic Eyes See.
  • It really is getting late now, so I will cap it here. What we are doing is creating a walking piece of Objet d’Art so that with Magic Eyes we begin to ‘See’.
  • Start to See that mainstream life – even the intellects, their many books and their organic food – are still walking around in the fog and filthy air. The necessity to rise up out of this arena, for it is not fit for any Human Being. Magic Eyes See.
  • Start to See that mainstream life – even the professionals, their many books and often conflicting opinions – are still walking around in the fog and filthy air. The necessity to rise up out of this arena, for it is not fit for any Human Being. Magic Eyes See.
  • The place of greatest pain and trauma is a site which offers the potential for the greatest healing. Trauma causes memory loss and denial. It therefore follows that your true function here on this earth could be very far from where you picture it right now.
  • Good Luck. (An Unbending Intent to see differently brings Good Luck)
  • Good Night and Sleep well.


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Relationships – A Light Proposal

Objet d’Art (Objective Art) is any medium imbued with positive energy. And the medium can be any thing, like a painting, a film, an item of clothing – anything. And yes, a person can be a walking monument of Objet d’Art, which breathes out positivity 247. These are normal soul infused human beings that everybody else calls Saints.

Objective art is the association of an advanced thoughtform with the art object itself. For example the Sphinx, the Yin Yang symbol, Star Wars the movie, Lord of the Rings, American Beauty. Objective Art is essentially an advanced teaching imbued with the energy of the Divine.

I was first introduced to Objet d’Art when a good friend of mine would print off the Qi imbued calligraphy of Qigong Master, Zhixing Wang of Chinese Heritage. She would then stare at it during meditation, and soon I did the same. I also remember a Reiki practitioner placed a picture of an open hand on a web page, and the healing energy from it was palpable. As it flooded my chest tears came to my eyes, but I did not know why at the time.

Recently, I have taken to drawing during or shortly after meditations, when the flow of Samadhi ( sam – with; adhi – light) energy is at its highest, and yet my mind is still happily conceptualising. Mrs King, my art teacher art school, might wish to give me an eraser, but I also know she would smile too  :)

A Light Proposal

Relationships – A Light Proposal

The artwork usually follows or leads? Hmm…that’s a good question, because what I have learnt about Objet d’Art is that, like dreams, they can reveal the hidden. So, maybe they lead in the sense that they inspire new possibilities, solutions to problems, new ways forward.

I will concede – the theme here is ‘Relationships’. You could say that I placed relationships on the alter for healing. This is ‘A Course in Miracles’ terminology. As a Yogi, I would say that I practised Samyama whilst in Samadhi. Quite loaded terms really, but if it is understood that Samadhi is getting into alignment with source energy – the Holy Spirit – Ananda and Samyama is the practice of bringing into focus blockages and dissolving them with light, enthusiastically, persistently and for a long time – until they are healed, then that is enough for now.

Energy Blockages are obstacles to peace. Energy blockages comprise anything that causes pain or discomfort physically, mentally or emotionally. Energy blockages are the result of wrong view. Energy Blockages are totally bad! The world is full of ’em! And we vow to end them all!

The awakening process is about bringing to the surface, and healing wrong views we have. Do not underestimate the amount of wrong views piled high and shovelled under the carpet ( The Ostrich Syndrome ).

The job of Objet d’Art is to help reveal the hidden, and if you should cry like I did when I gazed upon the reiki hand, you can be sure that this is the high teaching, the advanced thought form contrasting against the dark backdrop of old, worn out, stale, not working any more, passed their sell by date – crappy views, which now just need to be shown the door.



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Exceeding the Organisation’s Vibrational Frequency – Get Kicked Out or Leave First

Evolution Means either Getting Fired or Leaving First

When you work for an organisation, you are expected to ‘pull the party line’. If the boss tells you to do something, you do it. There is a certain vibrational frequency at which the organisation functions. You have to fit into this. You have to compromise.  You may disagree with this and try very hard to demarcate your home life from work life, but in reality – energetically – you have compromised. Another way of looking at this, is that you are in a relationship with the organisation you work for. You share their back yard.

One sign that you are making progress in this life; that you are indeed evolving as a human, is that you get kicked out of your job, or you are sensitive enough, and indeed strong enough to leave before this happens. Hmm…maybe I need a sort of disclaimer here, cos there are many reasons why you might get fired. This is about one of them.

silent strategy. self sabotage. sub personality.


As you evolve spiritually, you sort of outgrow your boots. The energies of Enlightenment mean that you become increasingly less forgiving of wrong view, wrong action. You may not know it or be aware of it but you start to become a walking point of tension. Your boss probably does not know why either. All he knows (or rather what he perceives) is that you are increasingly getting on his nerves, being awkward, suggesting some seemingly outrageous things, not laughing at his jokes etc.

Rivers become Mountains. Mountains become Rivers

We have gone passed the hippie-like person who puts on the “Look at me. I’m just happy all the time because I found Jesus” mask. We are talking about those of you starting to experience a real revolution in your evolution. We are talking about real change in your life. We are talking about what it really means to get in touch with the vibrational frequency of the Highest  Heart, the Prajna Paramita, and the associated energies of Samadhi which, using VITRIOL are circulated throughout your entire Being and can not not have an effect your environment.

Old things and people drop away and new experiences, new people, and new things enter into your life. Old jobs go, and something more akin to your true function enters in.

meditation, samyama on trauma formed blockages


Mountains are again Mountains. Rivers are again Rivers

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Code Test

# Runs as cron job, in nice mode, and limits the cache to 200MB
htcacheclean -n -t -p /var/www/cache -l 200M
	%% The percent sign
	%a Remote IP-address
	%A Local IP-address
		%B Size of response in bytes, excluding HTTP headers.
		%b Size of response in bytes, excluding HTTP headers. In CLF format, i.e. a '-' rather than a 0 when no bytes are sent.
		%{Fo	obar}C The contents of cookie Foobar in the request sent to the server. Only version 0 cookies are fully supported.
%D The time taken to serve the request, in microseconds.
%{FOOBAR}e The contents of the environment variable FOOBAR
%f Filename
%h Remote host
%H The request protocol
%{Foobar}i The contents of Foobar: header line(s) in the request sent to the server.
Changes made by other modules (e.g. mod_headers) affect this.
%k Number of keepalive requests handled on this connection.
Interesting if KeepAlive is being used, so that, for example,
a '1' means the first keepalive request after the initial one,

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Code Test 2

code,pre {

display: block;
background: rgb(204, 204, 204);
border: 1px solid rgb(240, 156, 87);
margin: 13px 10px 14px 12px;
padding: 10px 10px 10px 10px;
text-align: left;
font: 1.1em ‘Courier’, Courier;
overflow: auto;
color: rgb(0, 0, 0);

/* line-height: 8px; */

Hello. This is using


#ticker-container {
background: rgba(243, 243, 243, 0);

#ticker li:hover {


#access li:hover > a,
#access ul ul:hover > a
background-color: rgb(163, 116, 56)!important;
color: #fff;

#access ul ul a {
background-color: rgb(225, 169, 96);


Then I say somint here using

#ticker-container {
	background: rgba(243, 243, 243, 0);

#ticker li:hover {

#access li:hover > a,
#access ul ul:hover > a 
	background-color: rgb(163, 116, 56)!important;
	color: #fff;	

#access ul ul a {
background-color: rgb(225, 169, 96);

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The Antahkarana – Rainbow Bridge

The word “Antahkarana” translates as ‘bridge’ from the Tibetan language, and describes the ‘line of communication’ or the Energy Thread, which is gradually constructed from a being from Kundalini Chakra in the Centre of the earth through the personality to the Chakras above the head beyond Monad or Source which are not intellectual but work through direct knowledge or intuition. As we contact these lost parts of ourselves we move out of the one room in the house into the rest of the Mansion. “My Father’s House has many Mansions” – Bible.

The source of Genius is the geni found in the lamp by the Sufi Aladdin (Al Uddin) or as the Ancient Greeks translated Geni, “The Soul” or the first Chakra above the Head. There are more chakras, more powerful, which we contact in meditation.

Opening the way for the creative energies to flow down from the various levels of consciousness of the Chakras above the Head, one becomes this multi-spectrum stream Antahkarana and ultimately can direct the integrated energies toward the illumination of humanity as a whole.

Antahkarana -Chakras External to the Body

Antahkarana – Chakras External to the Body

Each chakra is a processor in the Human Multi-Processor Computer. As we connect with the Chakras of the Universe from the Kundalini Chakra in the Center of the earth through the Seven normal Chakras of a Human bodies to the Infinity of Chakras above the head – so the Power of the Human Mind increases exponentially through Illumination and Enlightenment towards Cosmic Consciousness.

We may think of the Antahkarana as a ‘rainbow bridge’ composed of a seven-fold spectrum of dimensionalized forces, which must be brought into perfect alignment and focus, in order to fulfil our inherent Spiritual Purpose. As we vibrate with these energies, we become consciously attuned to the planetary, solar, and universal Logos (Intelligence) and serve the ultimate plan of uniting All Creation through our Being.

As living beings, we are the culminating manifestation of the Divine Feminine and Masculine. When we come together, the Force of Our Love is the power that creates and transfigures us back to the Supreme Godhead.

The Antahkarana - Divine Couple

The Antahkarana – Divine Couple

Many call the full Mastered Embodiment of our Awareness the “Christ Consciousness”, with the understanding that Jeshua the Christ was a supreme example of our Consciousness Potential. As such, this image may represent Jeshua and his Divine Counterpart Mary Magdalene anchoring the Divine Force of God through their beings and establishing the ‘Antahkarana Bridge’ through the planetary, solar, and universal Logos.

On a more general level, the image represents any person or Divine Couple opening the Chalice within their Being to receive the Divine and be transfigured into their Angelic or Higher Self in the process.

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