Little Johnny – Silence is Dumb!


Sad Little Johnny Sits in Silence

Sometimes Little Johnny, he would sit at the breakfast table and just not say a word.

Would you like jam or honey on your toast Johnny?

Not a word.

What’s wrong with Little Johnny? Little Johnny still says nothing.

Finally, his mum comes up behind him, and places her hand gently on his shoulder. She lowers her cheek so it rests just above his ear, and she hugs him from behind. Softly she speaks. Now then Johnny, what’s up with my special little boy then? As this happens, little Johnny’s eyes light up. He feels a warm glow throughout his body. Now he has the attention and love of his Mum. All is well in the land of Little Johnny.

And it was always like this at Little Johnny’s house….

15 Years Later…

Little Johnny got a job when he left school. After a while, he was feeling a little lonely and insecure, and had not made many friends. He would just shut up and say nothing. He would not communicate with his colleagues about anything.

One day his boss came in the office and noticed, not for the first time, that Johnny was very quiet and that his work was suffering and so was the morale of the department as a result. The boss asked his colleagues what was wrong with the not so Little Johnny. Oh, he’s always like that, answered the other employees.

silent strategy. self sabotage. sub personality.

Little Johnny’s Game of Silence to Get Attention Backfires.

The boss decided this was no good for the company, so he fired the not so Little Johnny, and hired somebody who could communicate with his peers, and who could work happily with others and achieve team goals.

The not so Little Johnny became very disheartened and depressed. It seemed like nobody wanted him; nobody cared for him.

One day Johnny came across the idea that he could meditate on these incidents in his life, where it seemed like he had been rejected or not wanted, even though he had no conscious recollection of how he behaved at home when he was a little boy. Johnny discovered that it was possible to dissolve all the trauma (negative karmic mass) associated with these incidents, so that they never happened again.

meditation, samyama on trauma formed blockages

The Practice of Samyama in Samadhi on the Trauma Formed Negative Karmic Mass – Dissolved and Grounded – Healed!

Finally, Big Johnny got the job he always wanted. For many years he thought he wanted to work at the IMF or the World Bank, but recently he had gone off the idea, and decided to help others with similar “Hick Ups” in their formative years.

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From DID (MPD) to Soul Fusion with Energy Enhancement Meditation

There is in every person the possibility of an integrated Soul Personality. However, normally the average person is split to a greater or lesser degree, dependent upon the amount of pain, trauma and undigested stress in their lives and dependent upon the amount of work they have done to integrate their personalities by means of therapy and meditation.

Therapy and psychology allow intellectual appreciation of the problem in ourselves and others. It takes meditation to heal the splits and integrate the separated selves.

Charles Tart and others have used the symbology of the very nature of cyberspace as acting as a sort of “universal solvent” to break up our long cherished notions, myths that everyone is a monolithic self.

The ease with which we can take on new Split Personalities and new connectivities in the virtual domain implies an average self which is multivalent, fluid and de-centered — a self which often operates in parallel, in different modalities and different capacities.

I propose that a model for the average unintegrated person, this new, postmodern, postrationalist, cyberspatial self can be found in the cluster of psychological manifestations currently known as Splitting – or Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), and formerly and more popularly as Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD).

But I also propose that Shamen and Enlightened Saints have provided a much higher model of Personality integration in the concept of the Soul Infused Personality and integration with the Higher Self.

The average person lives in a more or less completely self-constituted world, where fragments of personality are embedded in a matrix of delusional projections. It is a world where inner-driven states are substituted for any kind of consensual reality, and a world where it is almost meaningless to talk about having “personality” at all.

The task of Deleuze and Guattari’s happy schizophrenic is to harness this condition of non-referentiality to the use of forging a new kind of self, in an essentially linguistic transformation, free of the moral and psychological despotism of Modernism.

Schizophrenia is very different from normal and average Splitting only in degree.

The Concept of Dissociation

The concept of Multiple Personalities has evolved over not just centuries, but millennia, and throughout cultures as varied as nomadic hunter gatherers of the sub-Arctic to contemporary industrial societies. At its core, this concept involves the inherent capacity of the human psyche to dissociate or split.

Colin Ross defines dissociation quite simply:

“Dissociation is the opposite of association…For definitional purposes the psyche may be reduced to a collection of elements in complex relationships with each other. Psychic elements include thoughts, memories, feelings, motor commands, impulses, sensations, and all the other constituents of psychic life. Any two psychic elements may be more associated … or relatively isolated and separate, which is to be dissociated.” (Ross, 1997, p 116)

Dissociation is an important factor in normal psychological functioning, allowing for a degree of mutability and adaptability which would be impossible without it. In the absence of healing the painful event causing the split personality it is true that the only option of the average person is to have amnesia of the causing event which again causes all these symptoms.

It is probably best to think of dissociation on a steadily worsening continuum of split personality symptoms, from ordinary daydreaming, through such phenomena as forgetting where one is going on the motorway, to the particularly florid manifestations of dissociation which are commonly labelled as Multiple Personality. Although the phenomenon is usually thought of as purely psychological in nature, it can actually be either biologically or psychosociologically driven:

Symptoms of the Split Personality:
Normal biological dissociation – Forgetting that you got up in the night to go to the bathroom.
Normal psychosocial dissociation – Daydreaming during a boring lecture.
Abnormal psychosocial dissociation – Amnesia of incest.
Abnormal biological dissociation – Amnesia following a concussion.
Ross (Ross, 1997, p 116)

An integrated soul-infused personality is always there, solid, not lost or daydreaming.

These biological aspects of dissociation reinforce the notion that it is an entirely normal process in the average person.

Dissociation due to encapsulated pain is the only resort of the psyche which does not have the ability, through meditation to ground and heal that encapsulated pain or energy blockage.

Grounding the encapsulated trauma and pain centered in an energy blockage will obviate the necessity for the split and indeed heal any split which has occurred.

Shamen and the Guru as trained Healers.

The earliest known references to dissociative phenomena are to be found in Neolithic cave paintings, in which Shamen can be seen entering into dissociated parts of their clients symbolised as animals and spirits. Jung used a similar methodology.

In fact, throughout the long march of what we call pre-history, such integrated psychic power abilities had great survival value, by enabling a connection with the interior worlds of spirits and animals, with which split humans coexisted. Persons adept at such entering the psyche of the split client for the purposes of integration were given positions of considerable power and respect in “primitive” societies.

Shamen and the Enlightened, though, always have the ability to enter, heal and then come back. Split Personalities are lost, they are still searching for the road home, searching for Integration and healing.

The shamanistic tradition has survived almost to the present day in the circumpolar regions of Asia and North America, and study of these cultures provides our best view of how shamanism operated over tens of thousands of years so it is illustrative to examine this incredibly ancient and successful tradition.

Most shamen, as near as can be determined, seemed to be healthy and not suffering from mental disorders. They were integral members of their societies and often went through long periods of training to become adept, all of which argue against any sort of pathological component to their craft. The Shamen of the far North rarely, if ever, used hallucinogenic plants, relying instead exclusively on self-hypnosis and meditation. They were, in effect, rigorously trained professional psychics, priests who functioned variously as weather forecasters, doctors and conveyors of the oral tradition.

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

An example of the training given to Shamen is available in a 5,000 years old text called, “The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.” In this text, a meditation methodology for integration with the Soul has been extant for Millennia. However, always the Guru Shaman who has walked the path was considered essential to the process of soul integration.

The Healer, Shaman, Guru, Enlightened – through much training, always have the ability to come back to themselves, to re-integrate after helping the integration of a client.

However, the cure for split personality for everyone is integration of the splits by grounding all the negative energy created by traumatic experiences which sustains the splits. As we ground all the negative energy through meditation, so the splits disappear and one integrated soul-infused personality becomes in charge.

Start your integrative Process by learning how to meditate and then speed it up with the advanced techniques of Energy Enhancement based upon the thousands of years old ancient effective techniques of Taoism, The Kundalini Kriyas, The five elemental circulations of the Qi of Chinese Alchemical Taoism, The Guided Meditation of the Emerald tablet of Hermes Trismegistus encapsulated in VITRIOL and The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

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The Joker! (Part I)

A Safe Place to Get Acquainted

Many of us are acquainted with The Joker in a deck of cards. If you come across The Joker whilst rifling through the pack, you can simply stuff him back in the pack somewhere with the other cards.

The Joker from Deck of PLaying Cards - Like The Fool, an air of Innocence.

The Joker from Deck of PLaying Cards – Like The Fool, an air of Innocence.

When I first set out to write this story, I first thought of The Fool from the tarot deck. Too innocent for what I have in mind, I thought to myself. Second place in my thought processes was The Joker, and even then he’s not a perfect fit for the main character of this story I will shortly tell. Even The Joker in a conventional deck of cards looks like a happy go lucky sort of type.

We take The Joker from the pack and have a look at him. Somewhat bemused perhaps, we play with him between our fingers before we put him back in the deck. In this context, The Joker is in a controlled environment. You can decide what to do with him. Maybe you leave him out on the coffee table for a while. Eventually, you gather all cards together and The Joker, like a soldier under orders, dutifully gets back in line with the rest of the cards in the deck.

Actually, with this military angle I have stumbled upon as I write this story, I could easily say that the above description of The Joker is that of a Sleeping Cell; a lethal weapon that gets placed in enemy territory and then, when the time is right, it is ordered to strike. Now this is more like The Joker I have in mind.
When you look at The Joker, although in human form, it is hard to categorize him; it’s hard to pigeon hole him, to place him in some conceptual framework of understanding. This is why you might look at him a while, slightly intrigued perhaps by his clown-like appearance.

He’s still a sleeping cell at this point. He has not been ‘activated’. However, he is just recognisable enough by you that you let him stay and he sleeps in the deck of cards…waiting.

An Unknown Quantity

Let’s get closer to this Joker character. Let’s do this by looking at some characters we accept as part of our conceptual landscape. A milkman, who delivers milk to your front door. You look out the window and you see the milkman walking up the drive coming toward your house. Well that’s OK. He’s just delivering the milk. That’s what he does – delivers milk to houses.

You see The Joker walking up your drive? What’s going on here? What does he want? You don’t know. What does a Joker want from you? What is he going to deliver – good news, bad news? Maybe he wants something from you. You don’t know. You see, The Joker can’t easily, if at all, be defined. He does not sit comfortably with your everyday world. There is something unpredictable about this guy. What’s he gonna do? You have no idea. Lawyers, policemen, farmers, doctors et al – we know the typical actions of these characters and have already decided from experience how we will approach them and interact with them. The Joker – an unknown quantity. Which way will he turn? You know not.

Can you see any Joker characters in this image?

Can you see any Joker characters in this image?

Has he come to flatter you, reprimand you or deride you? You know not.

Looks like we are now looking at The Joker in settings other than a conventional deck of cards. He was safe there wasn’t he? He didn’t make you feel uncomfortable there did he? Yeah, you were in charge; you were in control as you put him to bed back in the deck of cards when you so pleased. And now? Looks like The Joker is out and about, set free of his shackles found in the deck of cards. Getting a bit nervous?

The Joker still carries with him that air of innocence, which may itself make you twitch and a little agitated. He hasn’t done anything wrong, and yet he is walking up the drive way, just like the milkman did this morning, and for some reason, you’re … the very least simply not sure…

Tea & Biscuits anyone?

So, what’s the setting? Where do we find The Joker now? It’s a spiritual gathering, a weekly meeting, where students are gathered since…a long time….to teach Enlightenment and er… to get it too. Haha! Here goes…

The Joker has now changed his clothes. He walks into the group session under the auspices of being a ‘new student’, a certain ‘John Doe’. Yes, The Joker is disguised as somebody who has never been to such an event before. Furthermore he acts that way too. Oh Boy! Is everybody in for a surprise. Even the most seasoned teachers of Enlightenment don’t realise that The Joker has just entered the room to wake them up. The Sleeper Cell is about to be activated! Ha Ha Ha! Hi Hi Hi!

The conditioned mind that orders its own idea of reality to keep out the true true - expects a person only to eat apples.

The conditioned mind that orders its own idea of reality, expects a person only to eat apples. There are exceptions of course  😉

The Joker is now in his most virulent form, and to the uninitiated, to the average person, he appears to be possibly crazy – is he mad? – a menace that’s for sure! Get rid of him! Somebody! Please!

In this new setting The Joker is socially unacceptable. He plays not by the rules that lie within the bounds of a socially accepted moral code. As certain individuals try to tell him how things work at this group session, he flips out, he goes crazy. And because they are not dealing with John Doe but with The Joker, they fail to bring him in line, and in fact do nothing but trigger and activate The Joker – The Sleeping Cell.

Like a baby who does not want his food when spoon fed, he has a complete tantrum and does not appear to care who is present. The Joker has no inhibitions. John ‘Joker’ Doe raises his voice, gets up from his chair, throws items across the room.

Those in the room wearing the biggest and most deceiving masks are The Joker’s prime target. Remember, that John Doe thinks he is here to get help, and his story line is such that he believes that nobody can provide him with the help he needs. The Joker, on the other hand, is here to reveal all that is not true to leave only the true true.

Look! The Emperor Has No Clothes!

The Joker is out now! He is the child that points to the Emperor with no clothes. Those individuals, those students of Enlightenment, who are investing a lot of energy in securing their masks – are caught unaware. The unpredictable nature of The Joker renders all defence mechanisms useless. Yes, the biggest fakers are the first to fall; the first to be revealed.

The Peace Loving Hippie Lashes Out

The New Age Hippie, who seemed so loving and peaceful before, suddenly finds herself enraged at what John Doe is saying. “How dare you!”, she retorts. Blah blah blah. You can guess the rest. All you need to know is that the hate and anger repressed from a childhood forgotten about – amnesified, has been revealed and released – the true true. The Joker has pointed with his finger, and suddenly everybody sees the mask – the Emperor with no mask. Now, everybody in the room bares witness to the hate and anger, everybody sees this spewing out from what a moment ago was the seemingly peaceful and fun loving hippie.

The Joker is tearing down buildings and laying waste what was deemed a spiritual practice by some.

The Mature Teacher Morphs into Control Freak

Another woman tries to restore a modicum of order by attempting to interrupt the full creative symphony of our Joker. She places the spiritual course text in front of him, and tells him that there is a special format that we follow using this book.  She can’t finish her sentence as The Joker continues with his tirade. The woman gets forceful and again tries to bring this new student in-line with ‘the way things are done around here’.  The Joker explodes:

“Everybody in the world is trying to control me and tell me what to do, and I come here for help and find that you are no different! Everybody is trying to control me!”

He’s done it again – pointed to an Emperor with no clothes. The potency of The Joker is that he is telling a truth, and unless someone was really stupid, everybody in the room could see this.

All of a sudden we see this woman wearing black leather Gestapo style boots, as she tries to bring The Joker back under lock and key, back under control, under the control of an acceptable format. She uses the strategy of control to hide her fear of something that seems totally out of control.

Alas, another mask falls.

Tea and Biscuits Anyone?

Yes, it was a safe spiritual practice until The Joker walked in. It was safe because all the Inner Children, the trauma formed sub-personalities could hide and thrive. These guys have been very happy in this regular cosy spiritual gathering. All the ego strategies to keep the true true at arms length were working wonderfully. Tea and biscuits anyone? Ooh yes please! And I’ll come next week too. A safe place indeed…until The Joker walked in.


The Energy Enhancement Level One Kundalini Kriyas and their ability to Ground Trauma and Traumatic Memories removes all Trauma and its symptoms – Unstoppable Fear, Anger, Depression, Manicism and Bi-Polar Disorder.

Conversion Through Inversion

Before I bring Part I of this story to a close, I just want to look at the juxtaposition of the apparent mad behaviour of our Joker and the masks falling away to reveal – the true true.

Looking through the lens of a conditioned reality, it may appear that everything has been turned upside down. It may look like everything has been inverted.

Actually, it’s more accurate to say that if you were to remove the lenses that only see a conditioned reality,  you would then be able to appreciate the idea of things being upside down or inverted.

This is one of the paradoxes that runs through spiritual life – others I can think of? You learn through pain, enemies are your friends, and friends your enemies…

Well, I guess the main aim of this whole story is to help you see the inversion, at the very least to help you see beyond a heavily conditioned illusional reality – The Matrix.

Basic formulae might be thus:

  • In order to see more of reality, a seeming chaos (Our Joker) is required to break through the illusion (masks made visible).
  • A great desire to find truth, coupled with wearing a strong mask, requires or invites in, an equally great and strong chaos.

The Guru Joker

If what I have said above is true at all, then the next question may quite possibly be, “Well, what is the difference then, between a Joker and a Guru?”

As I write this question above I think of Heraclitus The Obscure (They could easily have called him Heraclitus The Joker!).

The main difference between our Joker and a Guru, a Shaman, a Saint, is one of Negative Karmic Mass.

Guru - Mask Remover - Swami Satchidanand

Guru – Mask Revealer – Mask Remover – Swami Satchidanand

Until Part II …

The terms Inner Children, Sub Personalities used in this story are used interchangeably. You can read more about Dissociative Identity Disorder or Multiple Personality Disorders here.

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Don’t Quit!

When things go wrong as they sometimes will,
And the road you are trudging seems all uphill,
When the funds are low and the debts are high,
And you want to smile but you have to sigh,
When care is pressing you down a bit,
Rest if you must but don’t you quit.

Dying Unto The Light

Dying Unto The Light

For life is strange with its twists and turns,
As every one of us sometimes learns,
But many a coward turns around,
When he might have won had he stuck it out,
But he learns too late when the night comes down,
How close he was to the golden crown.

Victory is defeat turned inside out,
The silver tint in the clouds of doubt
You will never know how near you are,
It maybe close when it seems so far
So stick to the fight when you are hardest hit
It is when things seem worst, that you must not quit!

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Intensive URL Backlink Farming – SEO Web Directories – A Exercise In Awareness

Benign Tumour Web Directories

If you have been involved in SEO, you will probably have seen many of these backlink rich fuctories on the internet. Their sole purpose is to increase the number of links into a client website, so that is scores high with the Search Engines (SE).

Unfortunately, they do not lend themselves to a rich and satisfying browser experience. They are a blight on the landscape – a cancer of the Internet. They are a plague and your awareness is the cure!

You see, people start to practice awareness, cos their lives are all messed up; at the very least not overly happy or satisfying lives. Something is missing. The practice of awareness helps you to see where in your life you are making wrong decisions; what activities do you get involved in which bring about this shitty life experience you so very much want to get out of?

Well, signing up to, albeit benign, tumorous web directories on the Internet is one of them. With awareness you can stand back and see the contribution of this cancerous growth on the Internet and how it does not lend itself to an evolutionary experience on the Internet. It does not help – it hinders!

SEO Web Directories are an evil-ution! There is 100% quantity and 0% quality. All efforts are geared toward the aggregation or syndication of information on the internet. Typically, there is no effort given to the curation of this information that might make it useful to people who actually browse the iNternet – the real customers.

The buck stops here! No more! There must be a better way!

With awareness you see that this blight of totally useless web directories, is a product of the human mind. It’s yet another example of how humans create cancers through competition and greed. That’s the empirical formula – move away from the natural order of the Universe and cancer is what you get – either perceived out there or even closer to home.

The buck stops here! No more! There must be a better way!

If you are still rather confused about the subject matter here, know that it is just the same wherever else you go. Walk in a restaurant and get served a cheap but massive piece of salmon. Just don’t ask them how they farmed it and how they killed it to get it onto your plate.

Intensive fish farming => Intensive URL Backlink Creation

The buck stops here! No more! There must be a better way!

Meditation is the only answer! Waking Up is the answer!

Wake Up Mr Green! (Film: Revolver)