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Isha Yoga Center is situated 30 kms. west of Coimbatore at the foothills of the Velliangiri Mountains. Coimbatore, a major industrial city in South India, is well connected by air, rail and road. Airlines operate regular flights to Coimbatore from Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. Train services are available from all major cities in India. Regular bus and taxi services are also available from Coimbatore to Isha Yoga Center.
Isha Yoga Center .
Located at the foothills of the Velliangiri Mountains, Isha Yoga Center is set in one of the most scenic parts of south India. Pristine hills with thick virgin forest, sparkling rivulets and waterfalls and an abundant wildlife make for a stunning backdrop to this powerful site for inner transformation. Spread over 150 acres of lush land, the Center with the Dhyanalinga Yogic Temple, Spanda Hall, Isha Rejuvenation Center, Isha Home School and the residential areas, ideally facilitates the pursuit of one’s inner journey in a highly supportive environment.

Sadhguru – Founder of Isha Foundation

Sadhguru, a yogi and profound mystic of our times, is a visionary humanitarian and a prominent spiritual leader. A contemporary Guru, rooted as strongly in mundane and pragmatic matters as he is in inner experience and wisdom, Sadhguru works tirelessly towards the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of all. His mastery of the mechanisms of life, an outcome of his profound experience of the Self, guides in exploring the subtler dimensions of life.
Dhyanalinga Yogic Temple
Dhyanalinga is a powerful and unique energy form sitting under a pillarless 250,000-brick dome structure. An extraordinary meditative space, the Dhyanalinga does not ascribe to any particular faith or belief-system, nor does it require any ritual, prayer, or worship. Each week, thousands converge at this unique meditation center to seek out inner peace and silence. As Sadhguru says, “Anyone who comes into the sphere of the Dhyanalinga cannot escape the sowing of the spiritual seed of liberation.”
Theerthakund is a deep immersion pool housing a live linga – an energy source capable of enhancing one’s spiritual receptivity as well as overall health and wellbeing. A dip in its waters serves as a preparatory tool to receive the energies of the Dhyanalinga, before entering the Yogic Temple. Built from gigantic granite blocks, this extraordinary structure leads the visitor 30 ft deep into the earth to a copper tank vaulted by an artistic mural of the Maha Kumbh Mela.
theer4-DSC_0017 theer1-20060508_S_SHA_0016 theertha
The Theerthakund is a subterranean water body energized by a Rasalinga, made of solidified mercury. Suryakund, a new Theerthakund for men, is being consecrated by Sadhguru in the Dhyanalinga Complex on 21-22 Dec 2012. The current Theertakund will then be converted into the Chandrakund for women.
Linga Bhairavi
Unique in her manifestation in the form of a linga, the eight feet tall Devi was consecrated by Sadhguru as a powerful energy form with a solidified mercury core.
Triangle Block
An architecturally appealing residential facility designed in the shape of a triangle, a yantra (yogic symbol) which represents ultimate perception, houses an active international community of brahmacharies, full-time volunteers, guests, and visitors, making it a vibrant hub of activity and an optimal environment to pursue one’s growth.
tb tri3-20060107_SHA_0004 tri5-20070525_IQB_0077
Trimurthi Panel
Carved out of three 50 ton granite blocks, the Trimurthi panel is an impressive outcome of the art of stone sculpting cultivated in India over millennia. Symbolizing the three different dimensions of Shiva – Hara, Rudra and Sadashiva,the tripartite panel is an expression of the three chief gunasor qualities of every living being, in ancient vedic sciences referred to as tamas, rajas and sattva.
tre2-20070705_IQB_0052 tre4-sunrise Ashram2
Spanda Hall
The architecturally distinctive Spanda Hall, a 64,000 sq.ft meditation hall and program facility is venue for residential Isha Yoga programs and events. Visually striking, with an expansive white marble floor and a free standing pitched roof, the dominating feature of this space is the exquisite wall mural, painted using only natural vegetable dyes and earth extracts, depicting the life of a yogi. Measuring 140 x 12 ft, this masterpiece of art is the largest of its kind in the world.
spanda1-10spandabig spanda2-20040529_AL_0027 spanda3-11spanda-door spanda4-22spanda spanda5-DSC_0022-e spanda
Adiyogi Alayam
A tribute to the Adiyogi is a sacred space consecrated by Sadhguru to raise human consciousness. Unique in structure and design, the Alayam, an 82,000 sq. ft. column‐less hall, is an invaluable offering to humanity.
Isha Rejuvenation Center
Isha Rejuvenation Center offers an array of programs and therapies synthesizing yogic, Ayurvedic and Siddha treatments, for deep detoxification and treatment of certain chronic diseases. The programs offered here essentially activate a dynamic rejuvenation process, aimed at restoring vital life energies necessary for healthy living.
rej1-IR Center_032 rej2-20060223_SHA_0259rej3-20070211_SHA_0013 00000088 Rejuvenation Trek.JPG rej5-DSC_0015
Isha Home School 
Isha Home School aims at providing quality education in a home-like environment for the well-rounded development of a child. With its prominent international faculty, the school kindles the innate urge within a child to learn and know, focusing on inculcating living skills and life values rather than mere academic pursuits. It makes education a process of discovery and joy.
IHS1-iHS-EngClass16Dec06_02 tmg-3 tmg-4 tmg-6 tmg-7 tmg-8IHS3-Home-school-13Oct05_50 IHS4-Home school games 13Oct05_09 IHS5-20061030_SHA_005710685549_752221714852284_6813869588459020906_n
Isha Cottages 
The lovingly designed Isha Cottage area invites guests and visitors to abide for some time at Isha Yoga Center. A distinctive interior design and Isha’s own furniture line underscore the rustic and cozy feel of the guest units. Meeting individual requirements, different types of cottages are available, each equipped with an attached bathroom.
cottages1 cottages2 cottages3 cottages4 cottages5
 Isha Yoga Centre
Address: 20, 9th St, Gandhipuram,
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641012
Phone:0422 249 5453

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